It was mostly “FREE” $$$

Sonoma County is wine country. Relax and have some fun.

We take this stuff for granted. The area offers so many great events and music venues.

It is often singularly fun because of the atmosphere and the setting are special and mostly the price… FREE.

Picture this: Pack a snack on a warm summer night and blankets to spread out on the lawn. Pull out special treats of artisan bread and cheese, three bean salads, and hand-picked wines.

Bringing a comfortable low back chair is just common sense. Now add a little “Je ne sais quoi” and you have it. Join the eclectic huddled masses who are enjoying the world and chilling out.

On a summer in Healdsburg,Tuesday nights on the square is where you will find the fun. Reminiscent of a summer evening from the 50’s where the whole community came out and listened to the local band, there are kids, dogs, moms and urban refugees.

In this venue, most folks had bottles, baskets, and blankets. Many were hand-selected personal favorites of a local wine with an interesting back-story. It is a frequent happening here in wine country all summer long.

With over 500 others we spread a blanket on the lawn of the town square and sampled some great wines, aged cheeses and soaked in the music from the bandstand.

Matthew Paille was one of the celebrity chefs who had a booth set up on the side. It was in the high 80’s as he got going and offered us some wonderful Cucumber infused lemonade with a mint sprig to take along as things got sorted out and the park began to feel like a mini music festival.


In front of some great Art galleries, high-end clothing stores, gift boutiques and restaurants many large and small food trucks pulled up. They pulled out and set up their stuff. Pulled pork sandwiches, Caesar salads, Pita rolls, Tacos and more were provided by a half-dozen vendors who shared their fanciful treats.

They skillfully worked the makeshift portable kitchens.


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