A Chef’s Story “Dirk”

Mark “Dirk” Dierkhising has a storied past life as a top wine country chef. 

He studied at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

The restaurant business is difficult.  It takes its toll on one’s life and family in many circumstances.

Experiencing the stress and drama that high cuisine extracts is not for the faint of heart.  From the passionate pursuit of great food comes struggles, sweat, and tears.

Dirk has been there and done that.  He has been chef de cuisine at fine hotels and owned, managed and cooked at several fine dining establishments in the wine country.

As we age, we hope we will gain some wisdom from the experiences we have had.  Such is the case here as Dirk has elected to forgo the nightlife grind of fine dining.

“It’s still fun to put together a gourmet meal fit for sophisticated epicures who have the depth of life experience to appreciate creative cuisine; however at this stage of my life, I also want to take some time to smell the flowers, enjoy family life and engage with the community outside of the restaurant.”

So he can be home at night and enjoy a little tranquility he now has a primary focus on breakfast and lunch menus.  The talented Chef operates two restaurants in Santa Rosa, each doing breakfast and lunch fare.  The food here is excellent.

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