A Little Help with design

Some people just don’t get it. 

Being interested in how something looks and feels is not something everyone was born to appreciate.  Life is more than survival; it is about thriving.  The impacts of nature, of other people, and of what objects we find as the day moves into night cause feelings.

Engage with others who are understanding, knowledgeable, and talented to help you understand the aesthetic nature of design and living life abundantly.
(Reno Toll Bros. design team)

There is help for those that struggle. 

To appreciate not only the functional but also the aesthetic nature of design there is a path open.  It starts with communication, understanding experiences, behaviors, and needs.   Our senses communicate elements of design.  Some are oblivious to the individual and some are hidden.  We benefit when we engage others who are trained, who research, and explore the possibilities. 

Design Center where choices are made
Look what a designer can do!

We can feel good design.  When we encounter beauty or passion, draw from our senses the feelings of joy, amusement or wonder, then we know there is an aesthetic presence.   We think we know something is happening, but we don’t know what it is.  The design that overlays the basic purpose then must be an intended strategy that it is employed to make life better.

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