Art Start Education

Where do those public art projects come from you might ask.

How do you launch a career in art?

It starts with a caring community!

Art Start is a possibility.   This is a place to get stimulated.  It’s a place where a young artist can launch a life-long career as a professional artist.  It is a place where their talent can be displayed on a wall, or on the street in their community.

This is a non-profit center for young artists who might need some direction on how to make money from their artistic talents.  The career of an artist is challenging, and commercial ventures are complicated with business contracts that are far removed from the creative consciousness.  Creativity is encouraged, but so is education about the practical nature of how to get paid for what you do.   The community is improved, and lives are changed.

ArtStart is a resource for talented young people who are just starting to emerge as artists.   There are talented people who converge, sharing their skills with an intent to educate the next generation of artists.  ArtStart is for those who need a path to develop their artistic services in a meaningful way.   It is where templates, talent and tables can be used to create public art.

Artistic individuals who want to bring art into the world where it can be shared will be coached to play in the commercial art world.  The joy of their art will be the joy of sharing it.  Joy is a fruit of the spirit. 

To bring art to the community requires resources.  The facility is there for young artists to foster their creativity, develop an understanding of a process and stimulate action that will change lives are the seeds that come from the efforts of a small team of volunteers .

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  1. Hi! We met last spring at the arthouse. Your site is coming along beautifully ! We moved to 317 Sutton Place off of Todd Road and Standish ave . Come by for a visit and a catch up on all we are doing.

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