Food in Space

What is food like in space?

Is it ‘radiated’ or “thermal stabilized’?

While the views are great, the food in space is prepared in advance in a lab at the Houston Space Center.

MREs are meals ready to eat.  There is no gravity working in space.  The packaging is critical for lots of reasons.  Meals come packed in dry packets.  Rehydration is necessary so that the food sticks together.  The surface tension in the liquid is like a glue that keeps it attached in one lump.

It is important to eat a cookie or a cracker in one bite.  Put the whole thing in your mouth. Containing crumbs and bits is an issue because they can float around and get into someone’s eye. 

Fresh food has to be eaten soon.  Rotten fruit is difficult to get rid of.  You will have to eat your vegetables, even if you rather have macaroni and cheese.

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