Novato Art Wine & Music Festival


The Novato Chamber of Commerce has thrown the annual Novato Festival of Art, Wine & Music since 1983. The Festival was known by a few names, most recently the Art and Wine Festival.

Each year’s flavor takes on a unique personality and different components. We proudly always boast a bohemian art scene along with delectable wine tasting, family-friendly atmosphere, and a poping music scenes. Since its relocation from Old Town Novato to the west side of Redwood Boulevard, we have added a second stage, more booths and added beer to the mix.

We host the festival every year to attract thousands of people from all over California to our hometown. Local businesses support the Festival through sponsorship and businesses along Grant Avenue try to take advantage of the increased foot traffic.

In years past, we have had huge music names at this Festival and we proudly incorporate local names, schools, and bands to showcase the talent of the North Bay.

This event is the largest fundraiser for the Novato Chamber; proceeds go to allow us to keep working for a stronger North Bay economy. We aim to support the community through community events such as these, as well as businesses retention/support programs.

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