Patina Restaurant Group Model

Make food fun.

Make it taste great.

Serve it in a special place.

Seek out those special places.

In the capitalistic world, where free enterprise mashes against the human need for food, smart people have emerged to make life better for the rest of us.   They know that food can be a creative device.  It can make life special and not just sustain it.

Talented and creative foodies strive to do better.

Patina Restaurant Group

The Patina Restaurant Group is such a capitalistic enterprise that has embraced free enterprise.  With a certain je ne sais quoi they have made the world a better place.   Their vision of a premium world-class restaurant experience in a world-class setting has etched into the human experience events likes weddings, catered affairs, and corporate gatherings.  Such places where memories that linger long after the affair has ended make life richer.  We salute them and the efforts made to make life better.

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