Pig BBQ in the Desert

We had driven up and over the Santa Rosa rage in the vicinity of Humboldt Toyobe National Forest, heading south from Oregon. There was thick snow hitting the windshield of our new SUV as we climbed over a 5,200 ft. snowy pass on Hwy 95 in northeastern Nevada.

From Boise, ID, where we had heard stories, we were looking forward to the PIG BBQ and PUB.

  We arrived just before noon, as the gray clouds set a somber mood.

1139 W. Winnemucca Blvd., Winnemucca, NV 89445

The place is easy to find.  It looks a little dreary like a small mom and pop fast-food joint that has some deferred maintenance issues.  That should never be something that stops the adventurous epicurean.

We walked inside, surprised by the atmosphere.  It was bright, with lots of neon bar signs,  posters and interesting things all over the wall to look at.  A large L Shaped bar was the focal point.  There were booths and tables between the doorway entry and the lit up bar with slots built into the counter top.

We found a kid friendly menu that included their signature barbequed meats and assorted condiments. There was a six pack of sauces that were waiting on the table to enhance a variety of dishes and sandwiches.

We ordered the signature “Pulled Pork” from our friendly waitress and had it “Memphis” style.  This style included a swath of wonderful coleslaw on top of the moist delicious barbequed pork.

We highly recommend this place if you happen to be passing by. The food is plain, but good. The people are friendly. Play the slots on the bar top and you could win the cost of your meal.

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