PRIMAL in Santa Cruz

   The community vibe in Santa Cruz is all about health, environment and being creative.  There is a spirit that imbues humanistic instincts. 

PRIMAL is a restaurant that wants to nourish your nature. 

 Find it on the corner at 1203 Mission St. in Santa Cruz.

There is a sense that one is part of nature, not separate from it.   As you strive to act on the inspirations from the sea, the school, and the social order primal urges move slowly underneath like the tectonic plates of the Pacific Northwest.

   In the true spirit of the ‘Primal Philosophy.”  the menu at this restaurant offers an artistic food experience based on nutrient-dense organic food.  The finest in natural, sustainable and biodynamic dishes include things like “The Cali,” comprised of red boar kale, arugula, fennel, green goddess dressing, citrus, avocado and finished with some pistachio nuts.

  We are connected to food and friends when we share a meal.  There are a variety of dishes to share, like kimchi brussel sprouts, buffalo cauliflower, and steamed artichokes.  The restaurant acknowledges that gathering together is etched into human nature.

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