The Conspiracy of Plants, Psychedelics and Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan and Psychedelics:

Does food need to be defended?

What is the big dilemma about being an “omnivore”?

Are plants manipulating us to their benefit?

Plants might control the outcome of the world and our place in the environment says famed author Michael Pollen. There is an existential view that embraces plant biotechnological manipulation as a natural phenomenon.  There is a select group of them that broaches the dimensions of our understanding.

After literary success with many books on food including “In Defense of Food”, the idea emerged that perhaps plants might be actually manipulating us to engage with them.  They could, by design consciously manipulate the world in which they grow.

Food is where it starts from the time life is formed.  Plants are central to the survival of the biosphere.  Plants are food and to thrive we must eat.  Eating changes us.  Diet and nutrition books are huge on the list of “best sellers”.  Change starts with plants and most of us want to change something.

We know that change is constant.  When change is successful we call it growth.

Growth offers us a way to progress.  When we progress we usually find our experience joyful.

If you’re serious about changing your mind than psychedelics could be for you.  Cannabis and magic mushrooms could, in fact, be magical.  Medicinal usefulness for plants has been high on the list of discovery since we emerged from the cave.

Shamans, snake oil salesmen and medicine men have all practiced on people with great expectations.  Psychedelics emerged like hope did when the lid was lifted on Pandor’s box. The patient has great hope and sometimes has disastrous consequences.

Regulations, big pharma, and social engineers have built barriers so much of the research has been thwarted.  We need to look more into plants that alter mind/body experiences.   People might get hurt and money could be lost if such things were not controlled.  They could be empowered too.

In the 60’s LSD had been associated with Hippy culture and the age of Aquarius.  There was no prescription needed.  All you needed was love.

Research at the time into the beneficial uses of psychedelic drugs was widespread until the government classified the nonprescription drug as a not useful.  Laws were passed and the mind-altering plants were demonized.  Finally, psychedelics were outlawed.

From the auditorium named for his “hero” Luther Burbank, in Santa Rosa, CA  Michael Pollan shared with us some experiences he has had with the recent experimentation, investigation, and ingestion of various psychotropic plants.

He was quick to point out, there was no recreational intent to his pursuit, saying he never endorsed the ‘druggy lifestyle’, but was rather intrigued at the age of 60 as to how plants had been able to entice mankind into trances and deeper meanings.

Plants rule the world as far a Michael Pollan wants us to believe.  Plants bring life, proliferate and humbly endorse life.  Because of their altruistic and compassionate desire to reconcile the age of Aquarius with the digital/tech world we need to get along better.

Of course, there are the medicinal values.   One could also rationalize that there are the social benefits and a legitimacy to the thrill of tripping.

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